Make This: White Cheddar & Parmesan Truffle Pasta

But first, here are some interesting information about cheese:

  • Cheese is made with as little as three ingredients: milk, starter culture (fermenting bacteria) and salt. Beyond this, different regions and countries have different styles of making cheese so that there are nearly 2,000 varieties of cheese worldwide.
  • Cheese can be an important and nutrient-dense part of a healthy diet. It contributes protein, calcium, vitamin B12, and phosphorus to the diet. For some vegetarians, cheese and other dairy foods are important sources of high-quality protein.
  • For people with lactose intolerance, cheese can be a source of dairy nutrients with minimal lactose. In the fermentation process, bacteria eats or breaks down the lactose in milk, therefore creating a product with lower lactose content.

Why is pasta a good vehicle for cheese?

If our goal is to allow an ingredient to shine, we must choose a very neutral base. And pasta — as well as potatoes — would be a very good canvass that would showcase this cheesy cream sauce.

Making the cheesy cream sauce

When cooking, you should always keep in mind the flavors that you want to stand out. In this case, it is cheese and truffle. This means that all other ingredients should just support these flavors and don’t take away from their spotlight.

How do you prepare a protein that would go with the pasta?

A rule of thumb for me is, if you are serving a rich dish, the accompaniments should be leaner fare which means it should be lower in fat content or prepared in a non-greasy way. So in this case I went for skinless chicken breast filets that we rubbed in a paprika-based seasoning.

  • Leanest. Simply chop the filets and saute until golden brown before adding the mushrooms. Or roast, bake, broil, or grill them separately and serve with the pasta.
  • Moderately greasy. Pan sear the filets in a small amount of olive oil.
  • Greasy. Dredge the chicken in breading and deep fry until golden brown.

Final look and garnish

The pasta was plated to occupy ⅔ of the area of a shallow dish and dried parsley was sprinkled on top. And the chicken cutlets were sliced uniformly and allowed to lean on the side of the plate.



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