Make This: Gluten-free Tablea Truffles

But what about during the holidays?

Salty. Sweet. Greasy.

But since people know me for being a good cook, it would be special if I gifted them something I made.

Something you should know is that when I share food, I try to use it as an educational tool so that the receiver gets to understand a nutrition principle or a cooking tip. And this time around, I wanted to give out a dessert that is not extremely sweet. My goal is to give them a baseline to compare and contrast all the sweeter desserts that they might eat.

Make This: Tablea Chocolate Truffles

The recipe starts with 180 grams of Premium Tablea. I used a mortar and pestle to grind the tablets until velvety smooth. I did this carefully since I added freshly boiled water into the mortar to aid the process. Make sure that the total amount of water used in the recipe is 5 cups or 1183 ml so don’t go overboard.

Final Words

Right after my friends tell me how delicious the truffles are, I tell them that I made it with potatoes. Each one of them were surprised and kept eating and searching for a hint of potato but all of them just ended up with an empty box of truffles! Overall, they found it as a wholesome and healthy dessert so mission accomplished!



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