Make This: Baked Cajun Potatoes with Lemon Garlic Chicken

  • I started cooking when I was in high school so I had lots of trial-and-error in the kitchen.
  • I am familiar with many herbs, spices, and seasonings so I can comfortably cook food from different cuisines.
  • I love watching videos that teach cooking techniques such as knife skills — I suggest Gordon Ramsey’s Masterclass — and I would practice them so that I can be efficient when cooking.

Question 1: What is the one main ingredient that I’d be using?

This time, I have beautiful U.S. fingerling potatoes that I am trying for the first time. That means that my goal for the meal is to keep the flavors light and clean so that I could taste the natural flavor of the potatoes. So rich sauces and creams are off the table.

Question 2: What will accompany your main ingredient?

Chicken breast is my favorite protein because like potatoes, it is a blank canvas that will shine brightly even with the simplest seasonings. And because I wanted the potatoes to be the star of the dish, I opted to just season the chicken with clean flavors.

Question 3: How do you plan equipment and effort?

Whenever I use the oven, I make sure that I maximize it so I will cook my protein serving in the oven too. So I took out the potatoes that have been baking in the oven for 15 minutes now — just check out how perfect they look. I turned the potatoes upside down so the other side can crisp when I put them back in again.

Question 4: How do you name your dishes?

This is easy! Ask yourself first: What is the star of the dish? In this case it’s the potatoes. Then mention the flavors you used — Cajun spice — and the mode of preparation — baked. Then do the same for the accompaniment, then put the parts together. And voila!

Question 5: What do I think about the fingerling potatoes?

U.S. fingerling potatoes are not available year-round in the Philippines, so it is best to get your hands on them whenever you can. The potatoes I got came in three colors — yellow, rose, and violet. The colors are so appetizing, and they all taste different too!

Final Words

What an amazing dinner! The prep was relaxed and the food turned out healthy and delicious. You can do this too! With consistent practice and an open mind for exploring new flavors and methods, healthy food preparation will be a breeze.



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