5 Quick Potato Recipes Using Your Air-Fryer

The rise of the air-fryer

Air-fryers are not new and have been around for a decade, but in 2020 and until now, they are the most popular and in-demand small appliance. With the help of social media, with special thanks to Tiktok air-fryer recipes, enough intrigue has been stirred and air-fryers were added to carts in many households.

How healthy are potatoes?

Carbohydrates are the preferred fuel source of the body. This means that most of our energy that is spent for brain function, physical activity, and basal metabolic needs should ideally come from carbs. Hence, a healthy diet must provide 45–65% of total calories from carbohydrates.

Let’s air-fry some potatoes!

Potatoes are a nutritious, affordable food that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways — including simple, delicious preparations with few ingredients, making them easy to incorporate into any healthy diet. Their versatility also means they can easily fit into meals across a variety of personal and cultural preferences for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For a simple snack

Try these Elote-style Air-fryer Potato Wedges for some Mexican zing in your day.

For a quick lunch

Try this Air-fryer Parmesan Potato Pizza as a gluten-free and nutritious alternative to your pizza delivery.

For a vegetarian dinner

Try these Air-fryer General Tso’s Potatoes for a vegetarian twist on this Asian classic.

For a starchy side dish

Try these Air-fryer Garlic Parmesan Potatoes as a side dish for steak, chicken, or lamb chops.

For entertaining

Try these Air-fryer Bang Bang Chili Potatoes as a colorful addition to a sumptuous feast.

Final Words

The global pandemic caused such a disruption in our daily lives that now more than ever, we need to eat more nutritious foods for our health and immunity. On top of this, being at home most of the time means more meal times that call for convenience and versatility in food preparation.



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